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Fun Sex Games to Spice up your Sex Life

Fun Sex Games to Spice up your Sex Life - RedSatinUK

Sex is meant to be steamy? Or is it? The truth is, sex doesn’t have to be all steamy, all serious, all Hollywood high drama. Sometimes sex can be silly, goofy, and fun! If you’re looking to add a little levity to your sex life, consider playing some fun sex games with your lover. They can lighten the mood, add a little scintillating silliness to your sex life, or recharge a relationship from mild to wild. Here are some great ideas for fun sex games to try:

Truth or Dare

This classic is a lot more fun as an adult. Challenge your lover to answer questions like, “What’s the hottest sex we’ve ever had?” “When was the last time you masturbated?” or “What’s one sexual thing you’ve always wanted to try?” If they choose dare, well, the sky’s the limit. If they chose Truth, your imagination will be running wild!

Guess the sensation

All you need is a blindfold (a scarf will do in a pinch) and a little creativity! Take turns blindfolding each other. The person without the blindfold can use different household implements (and maybe some kinky ones, too) to create sensations on the blindfolded person’s body. Try using things like fur, leather, feathers, a cold spoon, an ice cube, warm honey, or the blunt edge of a butter knife to generate sexy and pleasureable sensations.

sexy dice fun sex game

Sexy dice

Sexy dice are easy to find at most novelty shops. The most common style have one die with verbs (e.g. “Lick,” “Suck,” “Stroke”, etc.) and the other die has body parts (e.g. “Finger,” “Nipple,” “Earlobe,” etc.) Playing is as simple as rolling the dice and seeing where they take you!

Pick a number

Buy a sex guide book, one that lists a lot of different ways to play. Without looking, take turns choosing a number that corresponds to a page. Whatever’s on that page is what you have to do! Remember to soundproof your room!

Remote controlled Vibe/Buttplug

At we have a large selection of remote-controlled Vibrators and Butt Plugs. Some are shaped like eggs which are known as Vibrating Eggs and are designed to go in the vagina, and others are shaped like butt plugs (the flared base is important for anything that goes inside the anus). Next time you go out with your sweetie, one of you can wear the vibe, and the other gets to control the remote. Bonus points if they can keep their secret when ordering dinner or buying the movie tickets. Watch the look on your lovers face!

Vibrator trivia fun sex games

neon sign with the word "play"

How well can you keep your head on when experiencing extreme sensation? This sex game is how to find out! Take turns applying the vibrator (a Wand Massager with a large head is particularly good for this, ) to your partner’s sensitive parts, and have them answer a trivia question. You can use cards from an existing game, or invent your own! Each right answer gets a point. Sounds simple, just try it!

Whoever comes first, loses

If you and your lover are both particularly adept at having an orgasm, this is a fun sex game to try. Enjoy sex as you normally would, but whoever comes first loses! The “punishment” can be set ahead of time for added incentive. Things like cooking that night’s dinner, taking the car to the shop, or picking up the kids from school for a whole week can all be fun punishments.

Predicament Bondage

Predicament bondage is less a sex game than it is a kinky activity often integrated into other BDSM practices. But even on its own, it can be fun! Simply put, the bondage comes not from rope or handcuffs, but from a person’s choice to stay put. For instance, balancing a book on one’s head while getting fingered, keeping a raw egg between your knees or else getting “punished,” or holding a position while getting head, are all examples of predicament bondage. The harder it gets the more fun it is! Next time you have a date night with your sweetie, consider playing one of these fun sex games. You’ll never look at “game night” the same way again!


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