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G5 Volta by Fun Factory

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G5 Volta by Fun Factory

Energise your sex life with this dynamic vibrator! The VOLTA’s tips flutter against the clit and labia with every rumble from its deep, powerful motor.

"I am completely thrilled by the Volta. The clitoral orgasms are just insane and also otherwise this toy as a lot to offer. Wouldn't wanna miss it anymore" - Sig

"Volta is simply fabulous, whether used alone or as a couple.
It inspires the imagination and actually delivers what it promises - incredible, powerful orgasms. A great toy that I can only recommend.…" - Nix

Their rhythmic motion stimulates blood flow and increases sensitivity, making vibration more fun than ever!

Key Features:

1.  Provides a deep powerful massage to your clit and labia.

2.  Easy to hold loop handle.

3.  Travel lock for safe storage.

The movement of the VOLTA’s dynamic tips make its vibration stronger, boost your arousal, and heighten sensitivity, letting you feel more than ever before.

Explore a range of sensations from the wild percussion of the moving tips against your hotspots to classic vibration when you press the VOLTA against your body. You can even warm up with a light touch and then amp up the vibration and movement of this powerful clit vibrator when you want to get down to business. Plus, you can use the practical travel lock for safe storage after play.

One cool thing about the VOLTA is that it fits easily between your bodies, while its loop handle makes it easy to hold onto during partner sex.

If you’re someone who can’t get enough strong vibration, you can have that with a partner, in a small enough toy that you won’t have to navigate awkwardly around it.