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Bouncer by Fun Factory

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Bouncer by Fun Factory

This rumbling dildo makes every thrust incredible.

"I love this toy. A perfect balance of firmness and flex. And the bumps feel wonderful. It sticks very well to tiles and glass, and the size is easy for me to take, which makes it great for a quickly in the shower." - Danni

"great quality, a lot of fun without batteries" - Lisa

Key Features:

1.  3 weighted balls bounce and roll with every thrust.

2.  Harness compatible.

3.  Motor provides steady, intense sensations.

Three weighted balls bounce and roll inside the BOUNCER’s shaft as you move it, giving you a deeper and more organic sensation than vibration.

When you’re playing with this dildo with rumbling balls inside, slow and steady motion feels very different from hard and fast movement, and both are awesome. Use it on your own, hand it to your partner, or strap it on: its thin base let you get closer to your partner during harness play, making it the perfect strap-on dildo.

While vibration is steady, intense, and controlled by a motor, the BOUNCER’s weighted balls don’t move unless you do (or your partner does, if they’re strapping it on).