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NOS Lovering Deep Sea Blue by Fun Factory

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NOS Lovering by Fun Factory

It’s the dream, you and your partner in each other’s arms, your pleasure fuelling each other’s.

"Fantastic toy with great craftsmanship. We didn't have such high expectations beforehand, because conventional penis rings have relatively little power and seem very cheap. The NOS, in contrast, definitely has that - it's powerful enough and the intensity can be adjusted as desired." - Lou

"My girlfriend loves it because it really caresses the clit intensively without pressing and hurting." - Thomas

Key Features:

1.  2 motors for double the pleasure.

2.  Stimulates both the penis and clitoris.

3.  Flexible fitting ensures size fits all.

Get an extra hard erection that goes the extra mile or feel shivers of pleasure through the clit. The thrills keep coming until, simultaneously, you both have the kind of orgasm that makes you see stars.

Sound like a romance novel? Sure. But it also sounds like using the NŌS. It’s designed to hug the penis in the right spots and tease the clit, too, so you’ll climax together harder than ever.

Want to sync your orgasms? Look no further than this 2 motor toy designed to fit your bodies perfectly.

On most vibrating cock rings, the vibrator sits right on top of the penis, fun for the wearer, but not really useful if you’re trying to hit the clit. The NŌS is designed with both of you in mind, so the two vibrating extensions are long enough to actually reach your clit and flexible enough to move with you while you play.

That means hands free orgasms during intercourse! Read on for what makes the shape of the ring special.