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Stronic Surf by Fun Factory

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Stronic Surf by Fun Factory

Life’s too short for average orgasms. The STRONIC SURF massages you thrust after thrust, hitting every nerve ending, for a blissfully full feeling and surround sound pleasure, thanks to the patented pulsator technology.

"Whilst it packs a serious pleasure punch with the patterns and speeds, it is the quietest sex toy I have ever owned. I could not hear a sound from this thing." - Carla

"Great design and a nice, pleasant material in an elegant design. The control of the pulsation is awesome - no long waiting for the orgasm necessary." - Sunny

Key Features:

1.  Pulsator technology for hands free thrusting.

2.  10 mind blowing orgasm settings.

3.  Reaches your back wall, which is rich in nerve endings.

A vibrator vibrates and a pulsator thrusts! Lie back and enjoy hands free thrusting and pulsing in 10 different settings. Its back-and-forth motion makes it uniquely awesome for internal play.

While your clit loves vibration, your vagina wants motion and pressure for a truly mind blowing orgasm. Bonus point for clit lovers: you can also use this thrusting sex toy externally for a unique and steady rubbing sensation on the clit. 

We love the G-spot, but it’s not the only spot worth shouting about! The STRONIC SURF’s ripples massage hotspots along the front and back walls of the vagina, including the often neglected perineal sponge, a section along the back wall that’s rich in nerve endings.

It’s a bit like having a partner who’s very, very good with their hands. And hey, more stimulation = bigger orgasms!