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Tiger by Fun Factory

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Tiger by Fun Factory

The people have spoken, and they want powerful, penetrating, rumbling vibrations.

"My absolute favourite vibrator. What should I say about it? The soft textured surface, the perfect size, the many vibration levels, the quality of this part ... hmm so good!" - Anna

"Very pleasant size and targeted stimulation of the G spot, with strong vibration. The ridges give a wonderful feeling when moving it in and out. We love it" - Rach

Key Features:

1.  Provides deep, powerful vibrations.

2.  Bends to your contours with every thrust.

3.  Ridges create a rippling sensation.

TIGER delivers, with a design that offers deep, bass-tone vibration from the base to the tip.

Curious about the TIGER’s ridges? We love them because they create a rippling sensation every time you move the vibe in or out. So, more awesome feelings with every thrust, without you having to make any extra effort. It’s a little extra bang for your, well, bang.

See the way the shaft curves? And the larger ridge near the tip? That’s so that the TIGER can press against your G-spot as it moves, helping you find even more ways to feel amazing.

Plus, its deep waves of vibration are so much more satisfying for internal play than lighter, more surface-level vibes.