About RedsatinUK

It was a lovely summers day in Staffordshire in 2017. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and not a cloud in sight. The vibe was beautiful...

And we love a good vibe, so much so that our goal is to ensure you are living your sexual happiness to the full. That's why we have made it easier for you with a crisp, clean, hassle free zone for a No.1 shopping experience.  

Gone are the days of seedy, back street looking stores where you have to ensure nobody is watching before you quickly nip inside.
The sex toy industry is abuzz with 'good vibrations' and the purchase and use of sex toys is becoming ever more mainstream with a staggering 2,947,200 women alone purchasing a sex toy in the UK in 2017.

What makes us different?

Our customer service and delivery and returns policy sets us apart from our competitors.

  • We have a 30 day returns policy
  • All our parcels are tracked as standard (meaning no lost parcels), and if you place an order before 1pm it'll be dispatched the same day.
  • Our team are on hand to help, no matter how small your query.

No other company in our industry offers this level of commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our brands

We provide unique, innovative sex toys and sexual wellbeing products, and have teamed up with some of the most fun and world renowned brands out there to bring you the very best of sexual fulfillness.